Irish Litter
     Abbi & Rooster 
       July 10,

For her second litter, Abbi was bred to
       UD MH WCX OS
Rooster passed away at almost 16.
You can see the pedigree from this breeding at
Abbi x Rooster pedigree

    The five Irish Litter puppies
were born July 10, 2007.  This litter was co-bred with Abbi's breeder Gayle Watkins of Gaylan's Goldens.  The litter, known as the Irish Quints, was whelped and raised here until they were almost 7 weeks of age.  We then headed to Gayle's house in New York, where the puppies went for mountain walks, and had their testings and evaluations done before being placed in their new homes. 
  We were very excited about this breeding, combining two great high drive dogs with great on and off switches. 
The pups are fantastic in their drive, biddability, and birdiness.
We have two MACH's, AX/AXJ, MX/MXJ's, two JH's, and a MHCH/MH50 Master Hunter, her owner's first MH, who qualified for the Master National five years in a row, is a Champion Tracker, and UD.
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