The Cowboy Litter  – Feb 22, 2016
                       Momma Karli and Ranger & Mattie
April 21, 2016
This was our second breeding of our
co-owned girl, seven year old Karli to Asher.




The pups have gone to their new homes.
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(Ranger)  SHR Topmast Saddle Up ‘N Ride SH AX OAJ OF WC
Our breeding of 
Karli x Asher
The Cowboy Litter
Feb 22, 2016


Karli is also the dam of our Liquor Litter (2014) and Scottish Litter (2017)


We chose Asher for this litter because we love everything about this boy.  
He is a lovely dog, good solid structure, resilient and biddable, a great dog in the field.
This is what his owner had to say about him:

Asher was bred in Canada by Tidewater Golden Retrievers and has been a great addition to our family of competitive field dogs. He was the pick male out of a litter of ten. He is a muscular athletic 70-73 lbs working weight and 23 inches at the shoulder.

I chose Asher because his pedigree combines the best blend of Bench and Field Lines and the expression is exactly everything a Golden Retriever should be. He is handsome, meets the Golden Retriever Standard and is high-drive, birdy, and his temperament is second to none. 

He has a fearless attitude towards trying anything new and has a tremendous amount of water courage and flies strong and high into the water. He lives in the house with a pack of five other intact males. He falls in the middle of the pack and is appropriate both in the house and out and about everywhere I take him. He has been totally Amateur trained and handled to all his accomplishments in the field. Asher has a ton of drive, and is a relaxed, confident house dog with  a wonderful Golden temperament.

He’s a handsome, balanced dog that easily acquired his CCA.  He won the field trial dog conformation class at the Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club’s Annual specialty and went into the ring again at the Cuyahoga Valley Golden Retriever Club’s specialty and won the field trial dog class there as well. 

He was Amateur handled at the 2015 National Specialty and won a second place in the conformation field trial class against CH dogs. At a young age (9 months) he earned his CGC and RN (Rally Novice Title).  He continued his puppy obedience training by becoming a demonstration dog for me during my time as a Field Instructor for PAWS with A Cause Service Dogs. He quickly learned how to do tasks to become a service dog for wheelchair assistance, seizure response and hearing dogs for the deaf and was certified as a service dog. At one year of age he was certified a Therapy Dog. 

He loves to work and currently excels at both Hunt Tests and Field Trials. He earned his Master Hunter at 3 years of age and went on to advance into the field trial game in 2015 after qualifying for the 2015 Master National. We did not attend that National but concentrated on our field trial concepts and advancing our training in the Qualifying & Amateur stakes where he is currently competing. We are currently learning and working on the advanced concepts it takes to be competitive at Qualifying and Amateur levels of field trials. He has taken a Qualifying JAM in the very competitive TX field trial circuit and two other JAM ribbons, finishing Qualifying level field trials with his owner/mom while she is learning the ropes along with him.

I look forward to seeing what else he can do in field trials and we are having fun learning together. Asher is a very fun dog to train, he is my first MH Golden Retriever and advanced field trial dog and he and I are learning so much together. He tries really hard and gives his heart in everything he does. Even when my handling shortcomings cause confusion, he doesn’t quit. He has an enormous sense of humor and makes us laugh every day.  He is always willing to try anything new and learns new things very quickly. 


   With the breeding, we have healthy, stable, sound goldens who can do well in hunt tests, agility, obedience, tracking and more.

   Both Karli and Asher are healthy dogs with no chronic health issues.  He has OFA Good hips and normal elbows, clear eyes and heart. She is OFA Good, normal elbows, clear heart & eyes. 

Karli is a pretty girl that takes after her CH sire.  She’s easy going, pleasant in the house, but when she steps to the line and takes off, she’s another dog.  She is an accurate marker and fast out and back for her birds.  She LOVES diving into any kind of water and has a huge water entry.  She goes to the line looking like a demur little blond show dog and then watch out….she’s off like a flash, causing judges to shake their heads in disbelief.  She has trouble delivering to hand, so hasn’t finished her Junior Hunter title just yet.