Chili x Clipper

June 18th, 2022  

The “Hunting” Litter
SHR Topmast Hot ‘N Spicy Chili BN RA JH (12/18/2017-)
HRCH Wynwood’s Storm Warning MH50** HTHF (10/2/2017-)
Puppies and their owners:
                                                                                                                                   6 males, 1 female
We have nice looking, birdy active pups from this breeding.
Both Chili and Clipper are healthy dogs with no chronic health issues.
No allergies, hot spots, and wash & wear coats.
Chili has Good Hips and Clipper has OFA Excellent hips.
Both have normal elbows, clear eyes and heart.
 Clipper is 22 inches at the shoulders, Chili is 20.5 inches.
This breeding was based on solid diverse working pedigrees in all venues with low COI.
Sire and dam are smart, biddable, athletic and talented- enthusiastic for any game.
Very good and honest in the water too!
Here’s what Clipper’s owner says about him:
Clipper is crazy about doing field work, not wanting to eat breakfast, but waiting by the door for me to put him in the truck and take him training.   He is a great marking dog, and easily handles retrieves out to 450 yards.   He’s just as excited about a 400 yard retrieve as he is for one that’s right in his face.  He is a team player, and wants to please.  He doesn’t require a lot of pressure, and learns readily through attrition, but handles pressure very well when it is needed.  He is easy going, but hard driving when it comes to doing his work.  He is very birdy, and has a phenomenal nose, making him a great hunting companion.  He has an athletic build, and has shown the ability to hunt all day without becoming fatigued.   Out of the field, he is simply a nice dog to be around, and is well mannered and calm in the house.
Clipper (photo by Mark Atwater)
Chili is a sweet dog but high drive in the field.  She loves to retrieve and is close to showing in Senior.
She takes correction well.  She’s quiet in the house, but ready to go at a minute’s notice.
She carries a light field coat that is easy to maintain when hunting.
She has a solid, athletic body with good proportions. She’s 56lbs.
She is a good marker, very birdy, and uses her nose well when hunting.
Chili finishing her JH
Chili field training
All puppies have gone to their new homes