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Gaylan’s High Flying Abbi


June 11, 2001-Sept 6, 2013


  Abbi was our foundation dam and was a moderate high drive golden who lived for action, but had a wonderful on-off switch and was easy to live with.  She learned quickly, had wonderful work ethic and was eager to please.  Her temperament was stable, friendly, and trustworthy.  Her tail never stopped wagging, but she was not a silly golden.  She had very dark eyes, full dentition and a scissors bite.  Her pigment was black, with slight winter fading of the nose.  Her coat was straight, easy to maintain, and shed water easily.  She didn’t carry a lot of coat, which made it easy to maintain and burrs brushed out easily.  Her topline was level with a slightly sloping croup.  She had a correct tail set, but had been known to carry it a little high when excited.  She had moderate bone.
  Where Abbi excelled was in agility.  She lived for agility.  We played in all five venues of agility, and she loved them all.  She was in the ribbons for all her titles.  She was very fast and once I learned how to react quick enough to that speed, we become a wonderful team. We had a little contact problem, but we worked through that and finished her MX & MXJ.  She titled in all five venues, and had three litters of wonderful pups, so we never did get around to finishing that MACH, but she was my heart dog and I miss her so much.
She was Tom’s personal upland game hunting dog and she finished her Junior Hunter in Sept 05.  She could have been a Master Hunter, but it wasn’t on my list of things to do.  She was a powerful swimmer and had a wonderful water entry.  Check out her water entry on her webpage.



Abbi finishing her UKC-CH


Abbi finishing her UKC Championship June 2002 with her good friend, Belgian Terv breeder Pat Morgan.